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Review: Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Cleanser Cream


About a month ago, the team of reached out to me and offered me to try one of their products, Swissvita's Micrite 3D All Use Cleanser Cream. It was my first time hearing about & Swissvita so I did my research.

For those who don't know, allyoung Phillippines is an online beauty hub and has other branches in Europe, the USA, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. The main brand they are selling in the Philippines is Swissvita whose products are formulated in Europe and Japan and manufactured in Taiwan. I also knew that they have the same ingredient level with luxury brands such as Chanel and SKII. Talk about posh.

They sent me the Micrite 3D All Use Cleanser Cream 3 in 1 Acne Clearing Solution along with other sample-sized products from Swissvita to try. It's my first time hearing a product that's a "cleanser cream" so it piqued my curiosity (did my research again and apparently, it's not a new thing. Pixi, Aveeno, Loreal, Laneige, are among brands that have cleanser cream products).

About the product:
Consistency: Light, airy cream
Fragrance: None
How to use: Use as first step, during cleansing 
My experience: 
I have limited experience when it comes to acne cleansers. I've only tried the ones from Cosrx (Salicylic Acid Daily Cleanser) & Iunik (Centella Bubble Cleansing Foam) which I both like. I really don't expect much from acne cleansers since I think it's good enough for me if a.) it helps get rid of my acne (obviously) and b.) it's not harsh on my skin.

When I tried the cleanser cream for the first time, I was waiting for some stinging when I was rubbing it on my skin but thankfully, there was none. It feels very mild on the skin and does not feel stripping at all after. In fact, I noticed my skin was softer after using it. It felt like it helped unclog my pores while still retaining my skin's moisture after just one wash.

I checked the ingredients list and the most notable ones were amino acids (responsible for the gentle cleansing and helps keep moisture), moringa oleifera seed extract (boosts collagen production while helping the skin's natural barrier), and uncaria tomentosa extract (helps with skin repair).

Three weeks ago I was in such a stressful mood that I had developed a very painful pimple under my eye area. I put the cleanser to the test to see its progress:

Day 1- I concentrated rubbing the cleanser on the pimple area. As the pimple was a new one, I had a hard time using the cleanser because the pimple was still so painful to touch.

Day 2- The pimple has visibly reduced in size and redness. It also no longer feels painful when I touch it.

Da 3- No more pain at all and the pimple has flattened.

I was so impressed! These are only 3 days of using the product on an active painful pimple. I think it could render faster results on smaller pimples.

Overall, I am impressed by the product because I wasn't really expecting much from an acne cleanser. This, however, is worth the try and I'd recommend for all skin types since it's gentle, paraben-free, scent-free, and does a good job in maintaining the skin's moisture after using. The only problem I have with it is the price because this retails for PHP 1,099, which I think is a bit expensive for a 100g tube cleanser. They're having a BOGO sale now though for the product at

You can check more about the brand on their Facebook page  ( and Instagram page (